About Us

Oromia Broadcasting Services (OBS) is an independent and impartial international broadcasting company established to promote the progress and advancement of society through the production, collection and dissemination of knowledge and information with the aim to inform, educate and entertain.

Our Vision:
Serve as the platform of choice for entrepreneurs of ideas, businesses, arts and entertainment from the Horn of African Nations and their Global Diaspora.

Our Mission:
In addition to its flagship satellite television broadcasting, OBS’s mission is to serve as a multimedia platform that deploys the latest digital and social media technologies where thoughts and opinions are shared, nurtured and developed with the goal of creating a prosperous and enlightened society that will promote, protect and advance its interests, values and general societal welfare through individual innovation, creativity and respect for diversity.

Connecting your ideas and businesses with your people.

OBS also offers the following services:
Satellite Television Channels for independent producers that accept and honor the core values, terms and conditions as well as language policies set by OBS.
Business and Commercial Advertisements for businesses, entrepreneurs and entertainers.
Online multimedia and social media platforms and outlets.
Production and distribution of motion pictures and audiovisuals.
Radio broadcasting.